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Michelle Alexandra Mathewson-Mears

11 June 1973 -  30 September 2016

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Michelle Alexandra Mathewson-Mears who passed away peacefully on 30 September 2016. A very much loved Daughter, Mother and Nanny. Please feel free to share your photos, stories and memories you shared with her.


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Yvonne (Friend.)

Written on 07 October 2016 from Bradford

I remember one time Judy Michelle and I going shopping and having to pick the twins up from boy scouts on the way home.We sat drinking a massive bottle of wine from air freshener lids and Judy drank straight from the bottle just as the vicar was walking past.Judy never skipped a beat and just said "evening vicar," and carried on as normal.I arrived home paraletic whilst Michelle was trying to explain to an irate boyfriend how I'd managed to get so drunk just going to the weekly shop. He said "I know that has to be true because nobody could make up something as stupid as that."

Dagmar Oldcorn (Friend)

Written on 12 October 2016 from Derby

I have known Michelle through various postings in Germany . (Hameln, Paderborn and Osnabrueck). We had many great wife's /squadron party's,or nights out on the town. We had loads of laughter, drinks and sometimes danced on the tables. Or we met at each others houses for a coffee and a natter, and sometimes the alcohol came out there, too. 😂 We lost contact and met again through Facebook a few years ago, shame we didn't manage to meet up again. May you Rest in peace, beautiful, crazy lady xxx

Chantelle Shaw (Friend)

Written on 12 October 2016 from Lancashire

I first met Michelle when I was 18 in Detmold where she lived with her family. Our husbands were both in the military and she befriended me. We became really great friends and we spent every waking minute together. I was a first time mum away from family and friends and she supported me through a lot of tough times. I remember one of our summers in Germany where she had a massive blow up pool and we often had pool parties and nights on the wine! I don't think I have ever laughed so much in my life. She had such a great sense of humour! I'll miss you so very much-I'll always remember our best times together, the jokes and the silly things we did xxx

Shannon (Old neighbour)

Written on 12 October 2016 from Northern Ireland

I remember the times in Germany. You telling me off for hanging out of the window talking to Taylor at crazy times in the morning for hours. You and mum were never happy. Hehe 😜 When my depression got bad you helped me a lot from your experience with depression. I have paragraphs on my messages of you talking to me about it. When I see statues of mine from a year ago I seen you commenting on them and I just start crying. Even though I was more friends with Taylor, it's hit me your gone. I'm sorry I can't go to the funereal. Xxx

Matthew (Husband)

Written on 12 October 2016 from Yarm never thought I would have to do this....

You are such a loving caring person, who put the needs of others before your own.

We met at school and I was too shy to ask you out, even after our dance at the school disco. Years later we got back in touch and you change my world around and made me so happy. Your love was so comforting , your smile so heart melting and your humour so off the scale.

I will never forget what you have done for me and all our happy memories. I just wish you believed how special you were to so many.

Sleep tight my love until our next reunion xxx

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Taylor O'Neill (Daughter)

Written on 06 October 2016

Michelle was my mother. She was a bubbly, feisty, loud character. At the young age of 43, she sadly passed away. My mother had many friends, with that came many tales and stories we used to love to hear. Please use this memorial webpage to share ALL memories and photos you have of my beautiful Mother.
Thank you x


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